Repair Cafe Seoul

  I volunteered  Repair Cafe Seoul as tech-staff.

Lecture on Motor & Gear

I presented a special lecture on motors and gears in the interaction prototyping class.

SIGGRAPH 2018 – Emerging Technologies: “Wind-Blaster”

This segment features an interview with Andrea Bianchi, Assistant Professor from the MAKinteract Lab, Department of Industrial Design at KAIST. He discusses their project, “Wind-Blaster: A Wearable Propeller-Based…

SIGGRAPH 2018 Vancouver

  Fun memories in Vancouver ~!

SIGGRAPH 2018 E-Tech

  Wind-Blaster was presented at SIGGRAPH 2018 E-Tech.

HCI KAIST Summer Workshop 2018

The 4th Aslla Symposium

The 4th Aslla symposium will be held at KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology – branch), Gangneung (East Seashore), Gangwon Province, Korea, from 6/24(Sunday) to 6/27(Wednesday), 2018….


Wind-Blaster was presented at ITRC FORUM 2018.

[SIGGRAPH 2018 E-Tech] Wind-Blaster: a Wearable Propeller-based Prototype that Provides Ungrounded Force-Feedback

Seungwoo Je, Hyelip Lee, Myung Jin Kim, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2018 E-Tech, 2 pages. [ACM]    [PDF]    [VIDEO]


Kinesthetic-feedback wearable apparatus for virtual reality or augmented reality and method for controlling the same Seungwoo Je, Andrea Bianchi, Young Min Jo, Junkyu Kim, Duck-Joo Lee (Filed No. 10-2018-0046244,…