Category: Happy Life

Repair Cafe Seoul

  I volunteered  Repair Cafe Seoul as tech-staff.

SIGGRAPH 2018 Vancouver

  Fun memories in Vancouver ~!

CHI 2018 Montréal

  Fun memories in Montréal ~!

Volunteering for high school students (Physical computing)

I presented lectures to high school students about physical computing. For three days, we made a simple prototype using Arduino and Processing.

Happy birthday party at the lab

Congratulations~! my birthday~ 🙂

CHI 2017 Denver

  Fun memories in Denber ~!

CHI 2016 San Jose

  Fun memories in San Jose ~! CHI 2016 was a great experience for my research.


A trip with friends ~~!

Shooting a project video ~!

with Joonhee~^^

Strawberry wine

with friends, 2011