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Kinetic Line

Team Project, Bogyeong Kim, SeYeong Kim, Seungwoo Je, 2017 fall

Aesthetic Calculation

Art Exhibition placeMAK  미학계산(展) 네오룩  

flooooat liquid 3d printing

Team Project, Changmin Kim, Okyu Choi, Seungwoo Je, 2016 fall  

Hush mat

Hush mat is an interactive mat for reducing the endemic problem of apartments, the ‘noisy up-stair neighbor issue.’ It is an etiquette between neighbors and a smart solution…


Connect Imaginary World & Real World through I-Paddle Graduation Show, Seungwoo Je, 2015 fall [PDF]

Health care system for busy life

Loop is health care system for busy office workers. Loop always logs user’s health data and habitual data and show it as a color band. Users easily understand…

Donation foundation

Project, Seungwoo Je, 2013 fall [PDF]

mini robot

Project, Seungwoo Je, 2013


Project, Seungwoo Je, 2013


Team Project, Joonhee Min, Seungwoo Je, 2012 fall [PDF]