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[CHI 2017] tactoRing: A Skin-Drag Discrete Display

Seungwoo Je, Brendan Rooney, Liwei Chan, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of CHI 2017, 8 pages. [ACM]    [PDF]    [VIDEO]    [HCI@KAIST brochure]

[HCIK 2017] VectorWatch : Virtual Force Using a Geared Wrist-Wearable Device

Doyeon Eum, Seungwoo Je, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of HCI KOREA 2017, 3 pages

[AH 2017] Disambiguating Touch with a Smart-Ring

Andrea Bianchi, Seungwoo Je Proceedings of Augmented Human 2017 (AH 2017), 4 pages [ACM]    [PDF]    [VIDEO]