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Wind-Blaster was presented at ITRC FORUM 2018.

[SIGGRAPH 2018 E-Tech] Wind-Blaster: a Wearable Propeller-based Prototype that Provides Ungrounded Force-Feedback

Seungwoo Je, Hyelip Lee, Myung Jin Kim, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2018 E-Tech, 2 pages. [ACM]    [PDF]    [VIDEO]

CHI 2018 Montréal

  Fun memories in Montréal ~!

CHI 2018 Presentation

  PokeRing was presented at CHI 2018.


tactoRing is published in Interactions Volume 25 Issue 2 (demo hour). [ACM]

Volunteering for high school students (Physical computing)

I presented lectures to high school students about physical computing. For three days, we made a simple prototype using Arduino and Processing.

[CHI 2018] PokeRing: Notifications by Poking Around the Finger

Seungwoo Je, Minkyeong Lee, Yoonji Kim, Liwei Chan, Xing-Dong Yang, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of CHI 2018, 8 pages. [ACM]    [PDF]    [VIDEO]

[HCIK 2018] Enhancing Spatial Input on the Body with a Smart-Ring

Andrea Bianchi, Seungwoo Je, Hyelip Lee, Ian Oakley Proceedings of HCI KOREA 2017, 4 pages Best Paper Award    

The Best Master’s Thesis Award!

I received the Best Master’s Thesis Award at ID KAIST!

Best Paper Award at Korea HCI 2018

We received the Best Paper Award at Korea HCI 2018