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[SIGGRAPH 2018 E-Tech] Wind-Blaster: a Wearable Propeller-based Prototype that Provides Ungrounded Force-Feedback

Seungwoo Je, Hyelip Lee, Myung Jin Kim, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2018 E-Tech, 2 pages. [ACM]    [PDF]    [VIDEO]

CHI 2018 Montréal

  Fun memories in Montréal ~!

CHI 2018 Presentation

  PokeRing was presented at CHI 2018.


tactoRing is published in Interactions Volume 25 Issue 2 (demo hour). [ACM]

Volunteering for high school students (Physical computing)

I presented lectures to high school students about physical computing. For three days, we made a simple prototype using Arduino and Processing.

[CHI 2018] PokeRing: Notifications by Poking Around the Finger

Seungwoo Je, Minkyeong Lee, Yoonji Kim, Liwei Chan, Xing-Dong Yang, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of CHI 2018, 8 pages. [ACM]    [PDF]    [VIDEO]

[HCIK 2018] Enhancing Spatial Input on the Body with a Smart-Ring

Andrea Bianchi, Seungwoo Je, Hyelip Lee, Ian Oakley Proceedings of HCI KOREA 2017, 4 pages Best Paper Award    

The Best Master’s Thesis Award!

I received the Best Master’s Thesis Award at ID KAIST!

Best Paper Award at Korea HCI 2018

We received the Best Paper Award at Korea HCI 2018

Kinetic Line

Team Project, Bogyeong Kim, SeYeong Kim, Seungwoo Je, 2017 fall