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Korea Haptics Community Workshop 2017

Presenting a tactoRing demo at the Korea Haptics Community Workshop 2017.

Happy birthday party at the lab

Congratulations~! my birthday~ 🙂

[ISWC 2017] Designing Skin-Dragging Haptic Motions for Wearables

  Seungwoo Je, Okyu Choi, Kyungah Choi, Minkyeong Lee, Hyeon-Jeong Suk, Liwei Chan, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of ISWC 2017, 4 pages. [ACM]    [PDF]


Vibration generating device wearable on finger and method performing operation corresponding to vibration information Andrea Bianchi, Seungwoo Je (Filed No. 10-2017-0078401, Korea Patent)

Aesthetic Calculation

Art Exhibition placeMAK  미학계산(展) 네오룩  

[IASDR 2017] All4One: A Moderated Sketching Tool for Supporting Idea-Generation with Remote Users

Hyelip Lee, Seungwoo Je, Andrea Bianchi. Proceedings of IASDR 2017, 9 pages.


  tactoRing was presented at ITRC FORUM 2017.

CHI 2017 Presentation

tactoRing was presented at CHI 2017.

CHI 2017 Denver

Fun memories in Denber ~!


WEARABLE APPARATUS HAVING RING SHAPE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MOTION THEREOF Seungwoo Je, Andrea Bianchi, Brendan Rooney, Liwei Chan (No. 10-2017-0007100, Korea Patent) ISSUED [PDF]