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[HCIK 2017] VectorWatch : Virtual Force Using a Geared Wrist-Wearable Device

  Doyeon Eum, Seungwoo Je, Andrea Bianchi Proceedings of HCI KOREA 2017, 3 pages

[AH 2017] Disambiguating Touch with a Smart-Ring

Andrea Bianchi, Seungwoo Je Proceedings of Augmented Human 2017 (AH 2017), 4 pages [ACM]    [PDF]    [VIDEO]


Poster presented at HCI @ KAIST WOKWHOP.

flooooat liquid 3d printing

Team Project, Changmin Kim, Okyu Choi, Seungwoo Je, 2016 fall  

2016 AEARU Young Researchers International Conference

The 2016 Association of East Asian Research Universities Young Researchers International Conference (AEARU-YRIC) was held under the theme of “Innovation for the future – towards human well-being &…

Hush mat

Hush mat is an interactive mat for reducing the endemic problem of apartments, the ‘noisy up-stair neighbor issue.’ It is an etiquette between neighbors and a smart solution…

CHI 2016 San Jose

  Fun memories in San Jose ~! CHI 2016 was a great experience for my research.


Connect Imaginary World & Real World through I-Paddle Graduation Show, Seungwoo Je, 2015 fall [PDF]


A trip with friends ~~!

Health care system for busy life

Loop is health care system for busy office workers. Loop always logs user’s health data and habitual data and show it as a color band. Users easily understand…